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Linux Compatibility of Mobile Hardware Components & AddOns

Hardware Compatibility Lists - HCLs for Linux with hardware components, parts and accessory addons used in and with laptops, notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones, media players, GPS devices and wearables. For example internal modems, miniPCI cards, IrDA ports, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Also portable scanners and printers, mobile CD and DVD writers and much more are covered.

Expansion Cards
·PCMCIA, CF Card Survey
·MMC/SD Cards
·SDIO Cards
·card readers
Printers, Scanners
·Mobile Printers and Scanners
·Mobile CD Writers
Wireless Connectivity - WLAN
·Wireless LANs
·Wireless Access Points
·Wireless Sniffer Applications
·Wireless Community
Wireless Connectivity - BlueTooth
·Bluetooth(TM) for cell phones
Wireless Connectivity - IrDA
·InfraRed Devices
Internal Modems
·Internal Modems
Bus Systems
·USB Ports
·FireWire and SCSI Ports
·Sound Cards (by laptop manufacturers)
·Sound Cards (by chip manufacturers)
·portable speakers
Graphics, Video, Display
·Graphics Chips
·Graphics Chip Manufacturers
·External Projectors
·Video Ports
·Detachable Displays
·Digital Picture Frames
Hard Disks
·Removable Hard Disks
·Hard Disks
APM, Power
·Power Management - APM, ACPI, PMU
·Power Supplies
·tools for batteries
TV Tuner
·TV Tuners
·webcams internal and external
Input Devices
·braille terminals, barcode readers
·laptop stands & keyboards
·touchpad drivers
·286 CPU Laptops
·64 Bit CPU Laptops
·AMD CPU Laptops
·ARM CPU Laptops and PDAs
·Centrino(TM) Laptops
·TransMeta CPU Laptops
·VIA CPU Laptops
·XScale CPU PDAs
·SPARC Laptops
·Laptops with MicroChannel (MCA)
TCPA/TPM, Security
TCPA/TPM Laptops
FingerPrint Reader
·theft prevention

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